Mabira Forest Jinja Uganda

The Mabira forest Reserve  is located approximately 56km East of Uganda's capital kampala on the main kampala-Jinja high way in the district of Buikwe.The Mabira forest lies on an area of about 300sqkm of land and was gazzetted as a forest reserve in 1932 and is still home to many forest inhabitants like many primates.

The Mabira is a natural Habitat forest and boats of more than 312 species of trees including the endangered Cordia Milllenii, Mililia Exclesa, the famous Warbhugia Ugandenesis which Mr.Kasozi the Guide at the Rain forest lodge will normally take you to this famous tree which has medicinal properties and  known to cure many  ailments and the vulnerable dieseses.

Mabira forest is also home to 315 species of Bird like the Nahan's Francolin, cassin Hawk Eagle, the forest wood hoope, the purple throated cuckoo, the tit hylia, the red headed blue bill, the black bellied seed cracker, the shinning blue king fisher and many more. Some of these species can only be found in Mabira forest and no where else.

Mabira Forest Nature Walk:

Other unique features to be explored in the forest Reserve include 218 butterfly species, 97 moths species,23 small mammal species especially primate species of Monkey clan and the spectacular Griffin falls.

Main activities in the Mabira forest:

Nature walk