Ssese Islands Kalangala

The Ssese Islands form Kalangala district, they comprise of an archipelago of eighty-four islands in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria which is also the second largest lake in the world. The islands are found in the Kalangala District area in the southern Central part of Uganda. The biggest of these islands is called Bugala island where the district head quarters are also found and where most of the visitors to the islands arrive, Ssese islands is one of those remote places you go to relax away from the city, There's something truly spiritual about being in a place as remote as the Sesse Islands, the beaches are clean and the sand is white, the sun set is truly beautiful, and you can make bonfires on the beaches in the evening, the people are friendly, the food is cheap, accommodation is also cheap, with lots of camping options. Hotels use generators after sundown as there's no electricity on the island.

There are also motor cycle and mountain bicycle hire services for very good prices, you could hire a bicycle or a motor cycle and explore the whole island all by yourself which is really adventurous. You'll ride through dust tracks with jungle canopy over the road and be met by occasional monkeys. The lake is great for swimming and sitting on the beach watching the Sun go down over Lake Victoria with a Nile beer in hand is truly a high point of any traveler’s life.

Getting there is also easy, usually by ferry in Entebbe or in Masaka if you are coming from the south.